The search for a hit-and-run driver who flipped a school bus carrying 14 kids on its side is underway.

Early Wednesday morning, a vehicle attempted to pass a truck bearing an over-sized load, but ran into its escort vehicle and then spun into the school bus, which was headed to Lancaster Mennonite School. The vehicle then fled the scene, leaving at least 16 people — including the 14 children, the bus driver and the escort vehicle driver — to be taken to a nearby hospital.

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“That escort vehicle was pushed into the westbound lane and side-swiped the bus, causing the bus to yaw and impact one of the tractor-trailer’s load,” the Lancaster County DA described the accident in a statement. “The bus then tipped onto its side.”

Twelve of the children and the two adults have since been treated and released, while the two remaining children are reportedly still being treated for more serious injuries. One of the students suffering from a traumatic injury was airlifted to a local children’s hospital.

According to police, the hit-and-run driver was driving a light-colored sedan that sustained significant bumper damage. Anyone with information on the accident has been asked to contact the East Lampeter Township Police Department at (717) 291-4676.

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