A Queens man is accused of abandoning his fatally injured brother inside their mangled car after a harrowing crash

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A man is accused of abandoning his brother in their mangled vehicle after a car accident in Queens. The brother died, leaving their mother hysterical, according to the New York Post.

Steven Scordio owns the construction company where victim Angel Camacho, 21, worked. Scordio said the mother “is distraught — one son passed away, and the other is accused of leaving him alone. She is hysterical. She can’t talk to anybody.”

Angel and his brother Aiden Camacho, 19, lived together in Queens.

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According to police, Angel was a passenger in the front seat of a 2008 Acura sedan driven by his brother. The car spun out of control and crashed into a parked vehicle around 4:15 a.m. Sunday. The car then careened off the parked vehicle and into a tree before it finally slammed through a fence.

The younger brother took off on foot, leaving his older sibling critically injured inside the car. Angel reportedly suffered from severe head trauma and internal injuries.

Aiden Camacho jumped into a passing car when a Good Samaritan stopped to help.

“He left his brother,” a police source told the New York Post. “Effectively left him for dead.”

While the injured Angel Camacho was whisked to Jamaica Hospital, Aiden was dropped off at Interfaith Hospital. However, police say he also fled from there. Police obtained a photograph of Aiden leaving the hospital and are searching for him.

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Scordio said he doesn’t believe Aiden would abandon his brother.

“He would have never left his brother behind,” Scordio told the Post. “Aiden looked up to Angel. He’d go to him for advice, guidance. They looked out for each other.”

He said the family believes that Aiden “was pulled from the car by a pedestrian.”

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