When a Dilworth, North Carolina, woman walked into a Starbucks to get an iced tea, she discovered first-hand just how polarized the country is over President Donald Trump.

Kayla Hart walked into America’s most popular coffee shop wearing a blue “Trump” t-shirt, and she walked out with an insult stamped onto her plastic cup.

When Hart picked up her venti green iced tea, she noticed that the label baristas stick on the side of the cup that usually has the customer’s name on it instead read, “*BUILD A WALL*,” an obvious reference to the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border that Trump promised to build during the 2016 campaign.

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Even before that, Hart said the barista laughed in her face. Hart figured the barista was making fun of her shirt that read “TRUMP for President 2016.” The iced tea confirmed her suspicion.

“I don’t know what politics has to do with getting a cup of coffee,” Hart told Fox 46. “I just walked out because everyone was staring.

“I just found it really sad that I can’t wear a t-shirt with our president without being made fun of.”

Hart immediately emailed Starbucks customer service and got the media involved. Starbucks responded by issuing an apologetic press release.

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“We failed to meet this customer’s expectations of us, and we have apologized and are working directly with her to make it right. We have spoken with our store partners about this situation and are using this as a coaching opportunity for the future.”

Why did Hart decide to take her run-in public?

“I just want it to be put out there, so people know this is what’s occurring,” Hart told Fox 46. “I don’t think it’s right you should be humiliated for wearing a t-shirt with your opinion on it.”