A seven-year-old girl is going on a love tour across the U.S. to spread joy to law enforcement.

Rosalyn Baldwin’s mission is to be a beacon of light, love and joy by hugging at least two police officers in all 50 states. She kicked off the RosalynLoves tour in January and has visited 13 states so far.

A GoFundMe page set up to help fund the tour says she approached her family with the idea one day after church.

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“I want to hug all of the police officers in every state,” she told them. “It’s in my heart.”

According to the Rosalyn’s Facebook page, she is on the first of three summer tours, and her plans include visits to states ranging from Iowa and Illinois to Montana and the Dakotas.

She wishes to unite communities by demonstrating her sincere love and appreciation for those who have committed their lives to serving and protecting the people of our nation,” her website says.

The GoFundMe page has raised over $3,300 so far.