A Texas high school teacher has been indicted after allegedly recording female students undressing without their knowledge during the 2015-2016 school year.

George Edwin Thomas III, 54, taught several science classes at R.L. Turner High School and is facing six charges of invasive visual recording. According to reports, Thomas’ girlfriend discovered the tapes on a thumb drive and handed them over to police. The files included “multiple video recordings of teenage girls disrobing in a closet.” Other footage “appeared to be at a teacher’s desk with female students being called to the desk,” during which the camera was positioned to film under their clothes.

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Students at the school are reportedly not surprised by the news of Thomas’s indictment.

“I would hear my friends saying that, they were like, something about this teacher doesn’t seem right, because he was just a little bit off,” one student, Perla Martinez, said. “Sometimes, he would seem weird around girls.”

Senior Josh Placeres added that when Thomas was his track coach, he would have female athletes change clothes in his classroom.

“He just locked himself in the classroom and watched these girls change and watch them stretch,” he said.

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A teacher is headed to court for the horrifying secret videos he took of female students when they were most vulnerable CARROLLTON TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT
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