A Texas teacher faces nearly two dozen charges for her repeated trysts with multiple boys Lufkin Police Department

A Texas kindergarten teacher and mother of two is facing 21 charges after she admitted she had sex with four high school students. She also allegedly had a threesome with two of them and sent them explicit messages on Snapchat.

Heather Lee Robertson, 38, was indicted Thursday and faces six charges of improper relationship between educator and student and fifteen charges for sexual assault. She was initially charged with just four counts of improper relationship between educator and twenty years in prison. The new charges could have added another 20 years to her potential sentence.

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An investigation into Robertson’s relationships began on April 20 after police received a tip. One student told authorities he and a friend had a threesome with the teacher, and two other boys admitted to having sex with her multiple times. Robertson admitted to the allegations, saying she had sex with one of the students four times between late last year and this spring.

The teacher added that she didn’t remember the details of each instance because she had been drinking heavily. She also disclosed that she didn’t require the boys to use protection because she is no longer able to get pregnant. Robertson reportedly asked the students to keep the relationships a secret.

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