Francisco Prado-Contreras, a Philadelphia volunteer soccer coach, has been accused of paying a 14-year-old female player for sex and impregnating her, according to police. The 39-year-old was charged with statutory sexual assault, indecent sexual assault, corruption of a minor and other related offenses, which were announced Thursday.

The allegations come after the city’s Department of Human Services received a tip on Tuesday that a 7-month-old baby of a now 15-year-old was fathered by the girl’s former soccer coach. During interviews with police, the girl indicated that Prado-Contreras was a family friend and coach in 2015.

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Reportedly, the teenager asked Prado-Contreras for a job in September of 2015, and he eventually gave her one working for his house-cleaning business. However, when she arrived to work, he told her that she didn’t have to and instead convinced her to have sex with him for money.

The girl later confirmed the news to investigators, telling them that she and Prado-Contreras had slept together around five times over a one-month period. She added that money was exchanged on each occasion. In October 2015, she found out she was pregnant.

Prado-Contreras was arrested on Wednesday and has been suspended indefinitely from the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s facilities and events.

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A volunteer soccer coach allegedly paid a teenage player for sex — and now the girl has a 7-month-old baby Philadelphia Police Department
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