A woman used a cheese coupon as her car registration, and it did not work out well Facebook/Alexandria NH Police

Driving with an expired registration is illegal.

Replacing your expired registration with a coupon for cheddar cheese? Still illegal.

The Alexandria, N.H., Police Department posted on Facebook warning people that “driving an uninspected or unregistered vehicle is a violation level offense and punishable by a small set fine.” The department posted three pictures of the “fake” registration and inspection stickers, which look to be parts of a coupon or advertisement for cheese.

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The department roasted the driver in the comments on the post.

“We can’t even file this under the ‘A for effort’ category,'” they wrote.

One commenter got punny and asked if the reason for the stop was the “sharp (like cheddar) eyes of the officer.” The department joined in on the fun, responding, “Luckily ‘sharp’ eyes weren’t necessary in this one.”

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The Facebook post said, “Her car was towed and impounded until she properly registers it.”

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