A young man is in jail for what he did to the principal who asked him to take off his headphones


A New York principal was send straight to the hospital this week after he was badly beaten by an 18-year-old student.

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According to the New York Post, Luis Penzo was wearing headphones that blasted loud music. Manhattan Early College School for Advertising (which is inside another high school) Principal Matthew Tossman spotted the young man and asked him to take off his headphones. When Penzo refused, Tossman went to take them off.

Penzo reportedly punched Tossman in the office, then began walloping him once he fell to the ground. Penzo socked Tossman “several times in the face, causing swelling and lacerations around both of the principal’s eyes,” the New York Post reported.

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Penzo was later arrested and charged with second-degree assault. It was his second such charge in a month.

According to a LinkedIn page for a man appearing to be Tossman, the principal received his Doctor of Education degree at the University of Pennsylvania. The site claims that Tossmsan became the founding principal of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising in 2013.

Tossman also may have a Twitter account, though it consists mostly of tweets that appear to be spam.

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