A young man with cancer who was mocked on late-night TV opens up about the situation


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Videos by Rare

A young man who was inadvertently ridiculed on the latest episode “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning.

During a segment about the 2017 incarnation of CPAC, one of Bee’s segment performers profiled the rise of “Nazi hair” at the event.

“This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair,” the voiceover in the video states. Each time the phrase “Nazi hair” is said, the camera focuses on a different young man with slicked back hair and the sides of his head shaved. One of those men featured is Kyle Coddington, a young writer with stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

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Shortly after the video was released, it was revealed that Coddington is ill and his head was shaved for a recent chemotherapy session. Bee apologized for the joke and removed it from the segment. The show also later donated $1,000 to a GoFundMe for Coddington’s medical care.

“We deeply apologize for offending you and @_that_kyle,” Bee’s Twitter account wrote to Kyle’s sister. “We only learned of his condition today & have removed him from the piece.”

Coddington didn’t exactly find this acceptable.

“It’s kind of a half-apology I would say. The effects of this go much further than just me and an illness itself. It’s just inconsiderate and unprofessional to lump together people with a certain hairstyle for the way they look,” Coddington told Fox News. “I pray every day that God gives me peace about my diagnosis and He does, so I don’t worry about it. … Stay positive, fight, never give up. That’s the worst thing you can do.”

According to Coddington, the show has yet to reach out to him directly.

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