Hillary Clinton has stayed rather silent since conceding the election to Donald Trump, but her formal rival Jill Stein has been demanding a recount for over a week now. And even in the face of a Trump Twitter-storm, it looks like the Green Party candidate is going to get her wish. Clinton’s campaign recently said that they would participate in the recount, but now there’s concrete evidence of their participation.

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An NBC affiliate based out of Green Bay reported that “Clinton’s attorneys filed a motion Tuesday seeking to join the lawsuit, arguing the recount could affect her.” The former presidential nominee’s lawyers are also requesting that the recount be done by hand, since that method is “transparent for the public and will ensure the most accurate results.”

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The deadline for the $3.5 million fee associated with a recount is on Tuesday the Nov. 29, and Stein has raised more than enough money to pay off that fee, provided Donald Trump’s lawyers do not file paperwork that would keep the recount from occurring. His campaign and transition team has remained relatively quiet about the process, though he has ranted against it online.

According to her lawyers, Hillary Clinton is officially part of the Wisconsin recount (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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