According to one lawmaker, rats are literally jumping into strollers in New York City AP Photo/Robert Mecea, File
AP Photo/Robert Mecea, File

All New Yorkers are used to encountering the occasional rat, but according to some, the rats are even worse than they’ve been before. Linda Rosenthal represents the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the New York state assembly and she says that her constituents have become overrun with the rodents.

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According to the New York Daily News, Rosenthal claims that voters in her district cannot even use their parks because of the rat infestations. She also pointed out that her district has been left empty-handed as the government doles out money to fight the rat problem. When the city pumped $32 million into a “Rat Remediation Plan,” the upper west side didn’t see a cent. Yet Rosenthal says that constituents have told her the rats are “literally jumping into children’s strollers” in the parks.

The Daily News notes that Rosenthal is a staunch animal rights supporter and that she has pushed for the city to use dry ice to kill rats. When the ice is placed in the rats’ burrows, it removes the oxygen from their atmosphere. But the city steers clear of using typical rat poison because of the risk that they may harm other, less pesky, wildlife.

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A City Hall spokeswoman said that the plan is designed to target the areas where the rat problem is most dire. She stated that the city is committed to “reducing rat activity” and noted that they have “two rat reservoir programs.”

Unfortunately, that’s just not enough for Rosenthal who says, “the city needs to devote more resources to neighborhoods like the Upper West Side. Anyone familiar with the Upper West Side knows the area is overrun with rats.”

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