A lemonade truck crashed and people saw a driver covered in blood — then they looked again

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A 68 year-old woman driving a lemonade truck hit the gas instead of the brake on Friday, sending her over the Oakland Beach seawall in Warwick, R.I., and onto the sand below.

Witnesses were horrified to see her emerge from the crash apparently covered in blood, reports NBC10.

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But when onlookers rushed to her aid, they found that it was just watermelon lemonade, thankfully, not blood. Brian Hargraves told NBC10 about the momentarily-scary incident.

We went down and she was covered in watermelon-lemonade stuff, which, halfway down the wall, I was afraid it was blood. Y’know, but when we got down there she was just mentally out-of-sorts after what happened, of course.

The woman was hospitalized with minor injuries from the crash. Police have not said if they’ll charge her with a crime.

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