After an all night standoff, a suspected cop killer is dead

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Videos by Rare

On Wednesday, the nation turned its eyes to Delaware when Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard of the Delaware State Police was killed in a Wawa parking lot. Ballard was shot just after noon on Wednesday when he approached two men inside a suspicious vehicle. One of the suspects, identified as Burgon Sealy Jr., exited the car and fired a number of shots, killing Ballard.

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When police arrived on the scene, one suspect was taken into custody while the other fled on foot, eventually arriving at a home roughly fifteen miles away. According to NBC Philadelphia, police and a SWAT team surrounded the home but the Sealy refused to exit and fired shots at police.

Burgon Sealy Jr. (Photo: Volusia County, Florida, Corrections)

Delaware State Police Master Corporal Gary Fournier stated on Wednesday, “the suspect has been firing shots at the police officers from the residence that he lives in and is currently held up in the house.”

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After a standoff lasting through the night, the suspect exited the house and continued shooting at police. The cops returned fire, killing Sealy sometime before ten on Thursday morning. Delaware Online reported that Sealy is familiar with the law, in 2013 he was charged for possession of a concealed weapon.

Police are reportedly afraid that the home is booby-trapped. According to Fox 29, an armored bulldozer is on scene and the police may be cutting down the walls.

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