After Trump’s victory, a high school teacher posted a kind note in his classroom that everyone should read

After the 2016 presidential election results, a NYC high school teacher posted a kind note to students to remind them they are loved no matter what their race or background, something President-elect Donald Trump has failed to do by making offensive remarks to different groups of people.

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Twitter user Micah Sifry posted a photo of the note with the caption, “A dear old friend who is an NYC high school teacher posted this on his door at school today.”

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The note reads:

I love my Muslim students. I love my black students. I love my Hispanic students. I love my gay students. I love my disabled students. I love my poor students. I love all of my students and I will fight for you, no matter what.

And if he, or anyone else builds that wall, or any wall between us,

I will teach my students how to tear it down.

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Many people were quick to comment about the note on Twitter. While the response was mostly positive, some weren’t a fan of the note.

Well, this teacher should certainly be recognized.

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