Warning: The video below contains explicit language. 

An Air Force sergeant is facing backlash for a video on Facebook of a profanity-filled rant slamming her colleagues.

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Technical Sgt. Geraldine Lovely first posted the video over the weekend bashing her “black female” colleagues, reported the New York Daily News.

“I have f*****g issues with my airmen and my NCOs that are lower ranking than me, but they’re black females.”

“It pisses me the f**k off that they have no f*****g respect and constantly [have] an attitude,” Lovely said in the minute-and-a-half long clip, while wearing her camouflaged uniform. “What the f**k is up with that?”

She continued, “I am trying my best to hold my professionalism with them, but good God, they have no f*****g respect whatsoever.”

“ … I am trying to tread lightly as a higher-ranking NCO not to f*****g blow the f**k up and start a fight club.”

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The original video of the tirade was taken down, but not before being re-uploaded on a a Facebook Air Force group, where it amassed over a million views and was slammed by servicemen and women of all races.

“It’s not an issue of race,” wrote one commenter. “You don’t know how to effectively interact, lead or build a positive relationship with your subordinates.”

Another wrote, “There is a common denominator here…YOU! … Signed, A Black Female NCO!”

The page’s administrator captioned the clip, in part, “There is absolutely no place to demean Airmen of any race, let alone do so in uniform. This video and comments are sickening and utterly unbecoming of an NCO in the United States Air Force.”

Officials from the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas released a statement announcing that Tech. Sgt. Lovely had been “removed from her supervisory role,” and that officials are considering disciplinary action against her. An investigation into whether or not “this is a broader issue on the base” is being considered, reported the Las Vegas Sun.

“While the actions of this individual are inappropriate and unacceptable, we are using this unfortunate situation to continue a dialogue with our Airmen about the topic of good order and discipline,” added officials.

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