Metro Atlanta authorities believe a DeKalb County man forced his way into his 78-year-old grandmother’s bedroom, attacked her with a “Rambo-style” knife and disposed of her body using her car to do it, according to warrants released on Monday.

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Blood was found in the trunk of Millicent Williams’ car when her grandson, Gregory Williams, was found driving it last week, the police documents said. There was also a layer of CD cases, with some cracked from apparent pressure.

Williams allegedly told police he would reveal the location of the body if they got him a lawyer, but it isn’t clear if the deal worked out. Police still had not found the grandmother’s body Monday, but the warrants said they know she is dead because no one could survive losing the amount of blood found in the car and at her home.

The warrants allege the assault happened at Williams’ home outside Decatur, Georgia sometime between July 23 and last Thursday.

Court and police records suggest a long, troubled relationship between the grandmother and grandson. She said he suffered from PTSD after serving in the Army and refused to take his medicine.

Though his grandmother believed he served in Iraq, the Army said Gregory Williams was never deployed.

Millicent Williams took out protective orders against her grandson twice before, the last one expiring at the end of 2015.