An eerie new detail has emerged drawing a link between one of Roy Moore’s accusers and his wife

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Months before Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore allegedly sexually assaulted her in 1977, Beverly Young Nelson was just a sophomore at Southside High School — alongside Moore’s future wife Kayla Kisor.

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“Some people are questioning the yearbook that Beverly Young Nelson showed at her press conference yesterday. Here’s what I know about that particular yearbook,” William Thornton of Alabama Media Group wrote on Twitter.

While she was attending Gadsden High School in December 1977 when she was waitressing at Olde Hickory House, she had attended Southside from 1975 to the summer of 1977. The 16 year old received her Southside yearbook in the mail that month and brought it with her to the restaurant, where Moore allegedly sexually assaulted her on her car. In that same yearbook, is a picture of her fellow sophomore Kayla Kisor, who went on to marry a man 14 years her senior, Roy Moore.

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“This is the copy of that yearbook that is on file at the Southside Public Library. I looked through it yesterday. It came out for the class of 1977, who graduated that summer,” Thornton continued before adding, “That same sophomore class also has a picture of Moore’s future wife, Kayla Kisor.”

During a press conference this week, Nelson went on to reveal an inscription in her yearbook, which she said was Moore’s. The note, which was dated “Christmas 1977” indicated that it had been written at Olde Hickory House and read, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.'”

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Moore was 38 years old when he married Kisor; she was 24. According to his autobiography “So Help Me God,” he met her just one year prior at a church Christmas party. He admitted that he had seen her many years before, but did not specify where or how old she was at the time.

The new detail comes as Moore has been accused by five women of differing degrees of sexual assault and harassment, with all of them saying he asked them on dates when they were between the ages of 14-18. He allegedly initiated sexual contact with the 14 year old in addition to sexually assaulting Nelson. Moore has denied all of the allegations, but many within his party, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have called for him to step down.

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