An Uber rider offered cash when her payment didn’t process, but the driver allegedly demanded something else Cook County sheriff's office
Cook County sheriff's office -- Muhammad Fahim, an Uber driver, is accused of locking a customer in his car and demanding she have sex with him as payment.

A Chicago Uber driver is facing three counts of unlawful restraint after he allegedly locked a 19-year-old passenger in his car on July 4 and demanded she have sex with him.

Muhammad Fahim, 44, was ordered held on $100,000 bail Saturday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The woman requested an Uber on her phone, but somehow her logged request was not retained in Uber’s system, according to prosecutors, meaning her payment was not received. When she offered to pay in cash, Fahim demanded she have sex with him, Assistant State’s Attorney Mikah Soliunas told the court.

When she refused his demand, Fahim locked the car doors and refused to let her out, Soliunas said. When his car slowed in traffic, the woman reportedly jumped from the moving vehicle. There was no indication that she was injured, authorities said.

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Chicago police pulled Fahim over late Thursday for a traffic violation, and when the officers checked his name, they matched it to the reported July 4 incident involving the young woman.

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Fahim has been removed as a driver while Uber investigates the incident, according to a spokesman with the rideshare app, who called the woman’s story “troubling.”

Fahim did not speak during the hearing.

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