“We have sight on the suspect’s door,” said a SWAT member outside the hotel room of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, according to audio released by police. Less than 20 seconds later, the officer was heard saying “breach, breach, breach” before the team closed in.

The moment authorities found Paddock dead in his hotel room is also on the recording.

Paddock, 64, is suspected of killing least 50 people and injuring more than 400 from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It’s the deadliest mass shooting ever carried out in American history. As many as 10 rifles were found in his room.

Officers at the concert were able to “hear where the rounds were coming from,” according to Las Vegas Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill. Though it was initially difficult to locate the source of the gunshots, more information led officers to Paddock’s location:

“They could see that the rounds were coming from that particular location as heavy fire, automatic fire at times. And so they were corralling all of the people that were actually at the concert into … behind a block wall. And so a number of other officers as the information came out then went immediately to the Mandalay Bay and began to ascend up to that 32nd floor. What we know is that once we arrived up there we had isolated this individual to the two rooms and then our SWAT team used the explosive breaching to go in and confront the individual.”

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Audio captures the moment a SWAT team breached the suspected Las Vegas gunman’s hotel room AP Photo/John Locher
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