A man in Missouri was arrested on sodomy charges of a 1-year-old girl he was babysitting.

Jayson Newlun, 26, was a family friend, according to court documents reviewed by KMBC.

The parents of the girl told police they left Newlun alone with their daughter, who was asleep at the time, while they went to the store. The mother realized she forgot something and when they returned home, they found Newlun in the baby’s room. The mother told police she saw Newlun sexually assaulting her daughter while photographing the act.

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The girl’s father attacked Newlun, hitting him with a dresser drawer and punching him multiple times, according to the court documents reviewed by KMBC. A neighbor intervened and broke up the altercation until police arrived.

The girl’s mother allegedly asked Newlun why he did such a thing to her daughter and he said he didn’t know. When she told him that she hopes he goes down for this, he agreed with her, according to court documents.

Newlun was arrested on a statutory sodomy charge and taken to the Clay County Detention Center.