Bill O’Reilly returns to the airwaves with a surprising take on President Trump’s immigration executive order

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In the days since President Donald Trump signed an executive order related to immigration, thousands have marched in streets and airports around the country. The acting Attorney General of the United States was fired after she defied an order from the president. And just about everyone with an opinion has offered it.

On Monday night, Bill O’Reilly became the latest talking head to throw his ideas into the ring, but they may not be as in line with the president’s as some may expect from the Fox News host.

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Of course, O’Reilly hit most of the talking points heard throughout the day on Fox News, specifically about countries on the temporary no-travel list that were identified by the Obama administration.

“It is worth stating for the record that the massive flow of mostly Muslim refugees would not be happening had President Obama and the West not retreated from the Middle East and North Africa, allowing ISIS and the Syrian dictator Assad to murder at will,” O’Reilly explained.

Near the end of his segment, O’Reilly shifted in tone and almost pleaded with the president to soften his stance on immigration.

“It would be wise for the Trump administration to develop a strong outreach to the Muslim world. We need their support to defeat the jihad,” O’Reilly said. “We don’t want to tarnish the message the Statue of Liberty sends. Also, the administration must be willing to grant exceptions.”

“And above all, should help refugees survive in the terror zones abroad… Protecting Americans is obviously priority number one, but the nobility of our nation demands we help suffering, helpless people if we can,” he added.

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