As Americans get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, Budweiser has delivered their latest heart-wrenching advertisement. Actor Adam Driver was enlisted to deliver a college scholarship to the daughter of an Army veteran who couldn’t afford to pay for school. Hayley Grace Williams of Oklahoma was surprised by Driver during a recent visit from the Budweiser crew.

The advertisement tells the story of how her father was injured before Operation Desert Storm and her life as the daughter of a veteran. Like her father, Adam Driver was also injured before he could join his brothers in arms in combat. Driver enlisted in the United States Marines shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. In the Budweiser ad, he commiserates with Hayley’s father about what it was like to be injured before deploying.

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Williams’ school expenses for her final year of undergraduate education will be covered by Budweiser, via their Folds of Honor program.

“This summer, we’ve been honoring those who protect our freedom to dream. So, we delivered a life-changing scholarship to a family who has sacrificed for their country and for each other with the help of Folds of Honor and Adam Driver,” Budweiser wrote in a video description.

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