Burglary investigation at a college professor’s house uncovers much worse crimes of his own

Facebook/Theodore Ishida

An investigation into a 2016 burglary led police to arrest a college professor on child pornography charges over a year later.

California State University, Bakersfield professor Theodore Ishida was arrested for possession of child pornography on Friday after police found disturbing images on his personal computer, which they believe he had downloaded from his CSUB computer. His arrest follows an extensive burglary investigation at his home stemming from an August 2016 incident.

At the time, Ishida reported to police that an unknown suspect broke into his house and stole several items, including a computer and other electronic devices. A few months later, he contacted detectives working on his case to inform them that he had received a phone call from an unknown suspect, perhaps the same person, demanding money in exchange for his computer and threatening to expose the sexually explicit content on the device to police should he not take up the offer.

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Police later identified Francois Gariepy, 39, as the suspect and determined that he had attempted to blackmail Ishida, arresting him for extortion. After locating the computer, officers also discovered the professor’s child pornography stash and finally arrested him.

California State University, Bakersfield released a statement following the disturbing revelation about their soon-to-be former employee:

CSUB took appropriate action once the University was made aware of a Bakersfield Police Department investigation of Dr. Ishida in January 2017. Since that time, Dr. Ishida has been temporarily suspended with pay pending the Bakersfield Police Department’s and the University’s investigation of the matter. Dr. Ishida does not have access to his office or the campus. The University has cooperated with Bakersfield police during the ongoing investigation and will continue to do so.

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