“Roseanne” hasn’t even aired yet, but the show already has people on edge

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Fundamentalist Christian organization One Million Moms put out a statement recently that criticizes ABC’s upcoming revival of “Roseanne.” The organization is calling on people to boycott the show, after a report from Fox News indicated that one of show’s new characters would be a gender fluid character that had both masculine and feminine traits.

“Unfortunately, the age of Roseanne’s grandchildren may attract young viewers, so the victims of this outrageous program are the young cast members, not to mention any child who views the show,” the statement reads in response to the announcement of Roseanne’s 9-year-old grandchild identifying as gender fluid.

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The organization pointed to a girl-on-girl kiss from the original run of “Roseanne” as an example of the show’s influence.

“This will only be the beginning unless we speak up. Consider that the original ‘Roseanne’s’ most controversial move was once a kiss between two women – that’s sadly a common scene on network television today,” the statement notes.

“Placing gender fluid and non-binary characters in mainstream television shows are the next step in normalizing a culture that dissociates a person’s biological gender from their ‘gender identity,’ they added.

The show is expected to take on many hot button issues of the era, including the election of President Donald Trump. “Roseanne” is expected to return sometime in 2018.

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