The Salt Lake City officer who forcibly arrested a nurse has a history of sexual harassment allegations, according to newly discovered records.

Detective Jeff Payne made headlines recently for his arrest of a nurse who refused to give him a blood sample and spurred an internal investigation. However, according to new records, this isn’t the only time that Payne has been under review. In 2013, he received a reprimand for sexually harassing another employee “over an extended period of time,” The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

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In 1995, Payne was suspended for 80 hours without pay for violating “multiple department policies” in a vehicle pursuit. In the letter, Payne’s police chief wrote, “Your harassing behavior was severe and persistent and created a hostile, intimidating work environment for this employee, significantly interfering with her ability to work.” Payne also reportedly sent an “unwanted email” and a “disparaging email.”

Payne has previously been praised for his tenacity on the job, even being awarded a “Purple Heart” after he was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop. He’s also well-paid, according to public records, Payne makes $129,000 annually. He has been placed on administrative leave and has lost his job as an ambulance medic.

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