When two Orlando police officers stopped by a resident’s home recently for a well-being check, they found the elderly homeowner doing well, but she told them she hadn’t eaten in a while.

As the two, Officer Rich Cruz and recruit Officer Gus Goncalves, looked around the woman’s house, they noted that it was immaculate and that her fridge and pantry were full of food.

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Wanting to make sure the elderly woman didn’t go hungry, Cruz and Goncalves decided to spend a few extra minutes with her.

“So, recruit Officer Goncalves made her eggs for breakfast,” the Orlando Police Department said on its Facebook page. “And he even did the dishes.”

More important, though, was the time they spent visiting with the woman, the department said.

“This is the kind of work our officers do every day that often goes unnoticed,” the OPD Facebook post said.

Cops help an elderly woman who said she hadn’t eaten in quite some time Orlando Police Department

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