They say that Disneyland is the most magical place, but wasn’t the case for a group of people who hit the park on Friday night. Apparently, a flock of geese flew over the park and pooped on the visitors.

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The incident was so noteworthy that KTLA reported that “police and firefighters responded to Disneyland.” Even the Anaheim Police Department managed to tweet about the incident.

The geese did no lasting damage, other than ruining a warm Friday night in California’s Disneyland. Of the 17 people pooped on, eleven were adults and six were “juveniles.” The Orange County Register reported that “no one was injured or taken to the hospital.”

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A private restroom was allotted for the poop-covered guests, who were able to wash themselves and were even given fresh clothing. The Anaheim Police Department reported that “NO crime occurred,” but going forward, they have not announced if they’re looking to open an investigation on the feces-dropping geese.

Disneyland tourists ran for the hills when a flock of geese pooped all over their parade (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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