A driver was caught on a home security system driving erratically, smashing into a parked car and then hitting a teen on a bike and continued without stopping.

Jackie Kenney Lilly shared a Facebook post capturing the event from two different angles:

According to WFTS, 14-year-old Johnny Walsh was not severely injured after being struck by the Ford Expedition Monday afternoon.

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Florida Highway Patrol have located the owner of the vehicle but said that a different man was driving it.

Police are still searching for both the driver and the vehicle.

The driver is said to be in his 20’s with light brown or blond hair and the vehicle is a gold Ford Expedition with Florida plates, GYCT99

Anyone with information are asked to contact the Florida Highway Patrol at 813-631-4020.

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Disturbing video shows the moment a teen on a bike was plowed into in a hit and run JackiKenneyLilly/Screenshot

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