The “most fascinating” surgery of one vet’s life involved a dog and 21 weird items in her stomach KFOR/screenshot

Dr. Chris Rispoli has been a practicing veterinarian since 1997, but nothing could prepare him for what he calls his “most fascinating and exciting surgery.”

According to a Facebook post shared on Gentle Care Animal Hospital, Rispoli found a whopping 21 pacifiers in the dog’s stomach.

The Edmond, Oklahoma, veterinarian was brought into the picture after parents of a newborn pieced together the mystery of missing pacifiers.

It started with a grandmother witnessing the pup jump onto a counter and taking a pacifier. The dog’s eating slowed and eventually it vomited up a pacifier. That’s when the parents took the dog in for an x-ray.

What the team initially believed was 7-9 pacifiers ended up being more than double that.

So fare [sic] warning, some people may find the following series of photos disturbing!! I have to show them for two reasons, first, this was the most fascinating and exciting surgery I have ever done or my staff has ever been a part of. We love Dovey, and she is doing GREAT post op. Dr. Dad (who incidentally sutured my forehead together last year when the leaf blower fell off the shelf in the garage onto my face!!!) and Mom recently had there second beautiful child but were having a missing binkie dilemma, then grandma saw Dovey jump up on a counter and take off with one. She recently had slowed down her eating and vomited a little phlegm for a few days but other than that was acting fine. When she vomited up a binkie, plus the story from grandma, dad brought her in for an x-ray. You can see the binkie’s stacked up in the stomach, we counted 7-9. Well……by the end of surgery we had pulled 21 out of her stomach. That is the second, and most important, reason I am sharing these photo’s. Dog’s will eat anything, anytime and at any age so always be watching!!! Thank Dr Dad and Mom for letting me share this with clients!!!

According to the report, the dog is doing just fine and is heading home.

The vet also shared photos of the surgery on the Facebook page, which can be found at this link (Warning: images may be NSFW).

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