Dog found alive after jumping onto NYC subway tracks — with a little help from the MTA


Caroline Francis thought she might not ever see her canine companion Dakota again.

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Dakota managed to escape from her dog walker, and when deciding where she wanted to run, her pup brain took her to a familiar location: the New York subway’s Jay Street station.

But the journey quickly turned dangerous when she got herself stuck on the subway tracks.

“It’s a familiar place for her; we commute together every day. She entered, ran across the platform and at some point either fell or jumped in,” Francis explained, according to Mashable.

Metro Transit Authority employees sprung into action to help bring Dakota to safety, the New York Daily News reports.

An MTA employee identified as Supervisor Sanya Hill seized the initiative and began searching. She found the bloodied and terrified dog at the Park Slope station, roughly a mile from where she scampered away. Dakota suffered a broken jaw, a few lost teeth and some breathing trouble from the ordeal, but the pooch will likely recover in no time.

“I had my flashlight out, and I was looking and then I saw the dog,” Hill recalled. “I didn’t want her to bite me; I didn’t want to scare her any more than she was. She was already shaking and already curled up all the way to the back of the platform.”

During the rescue attempt, which took over an hour, MTA employees also cut power to the electrified third rail and stopped trains. They later explained the reason for delays on Twitter.

Francis also shared the experience on Facebook, where she had nothing but thanks for the people who helped her.

“Being reunited with this little creature is something more powerful than I can explain,” she wrote.

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