An elite New York golf club of which Donald Trump is a member is facing backlash from other members for refusing to display his portrait.

Republican members at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Winchester, N.Y. — which charges up to $200,000 to become a member — have been petitioning the club to honor the president with a portrait of him hanging in the clubhouse, but management is putting up a fight, reports Page Six.

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An insider said, “Trump has been a member since 1969, and there is a big push to honor him at the club. We should be proud that the president of the United States is a member of Winged Foot: It is prestigious to have him here.”

Senior management at the club is allegedly refusing such a prominent display supporting the president because of the effects politicizing a golf club had at Mar-a-Lago, where several charities have cancelled planned fundraisers at the president’s Palm Beach club since the election. Club bosses likely want to avoid alienating or dividing the group’s 800 invitation-only members.

According to the source, ““It seems the leaders of Winged Foot do not want to rock the boat and politicize the club, given that the U.S. Open will be at Winged Foot in 2020.”

The members lobbying for the portrait have another reason to be upset: those in charge seem to be attempting to hide Trump’s presence, reports Page Six.

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The insider shared, “Each member has a locker with their name on it, but Mr. Trump’s name has been mysteriously taken down. Some members are outraged because there seems to be no justification, apart from, perhaps, too many people were trying to take selfies at Trump’s locker, or they simply don’t want to advertise his membership.”

In an interesting connection that raises the question of bias, Winged Foot’s president Thomas Leslie is an attorney and top shareholder at prestigious law firm Greenberg Traurig — whose members made major contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and very few contributions to Trump’s.

Donald Trump’s New York golf club won’t put up his portrait, and fellow members are heated Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
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