7-Year-Old Hospitalized After Getting Ears Pierced at Clarie's Store The Sun
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A 7-year-old girl was hospitalized after getting her ears pierced at Claire’s accessory store last month. The mother of the child, Suzie Nishat, stated doctors had to dig the earring out of her daughter’s ear with a scalpel. The 39-year-old mother was excited for her daughter, as Lily wanted them pierced before the start of the school year. Both of them decided to go to Claire’s in Harlow, Essex, where the staff pierced Lily’s ear and were sent home with its three-week Rapid Aftercare Cleanser.

The cleanser is said to heal the piercing and allow for an earing change in less than one month. The mother was told with the use of the solution, the girl’s ears would be healed within three weeks. Naturally, the mother trusted the store since Claire’s is a well-known store worldwide, especially for doing piercings. Which is why three weeks later, Lily and Suzie changed the earring, with no signs of infection or redness. A week later, the mother then noticed discharge coming from the litter girls ear.

7-Year-Old Hospitalized After Getting Ears Pierced at Clarie's Store
The Sun

Suzie checked Lily’s earings and noticed the back of her right earing, known as the butterfly, was missing. The two proceeded to search the bed but didn’t find it, but the mother stated she didn’t think it was possible for the back to get stuck in her ear, due to the size of it. After Lily was in so much pain, she decided to call a friend who was a local nurse. They both attempted to push the earring back and forward to remove it but realized that there was no way she could do it herself since the back was indeed stuck under her skin.

The girl was rushed to the emergency room at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, where three doctors numbed Lily’s ear after struggling to remove the earring from under. Due to it being too embedded, the doctors needed to use a scalpel. For 20 minutes, the girl was screaming out in pain and was scared of the outcome, but doctors were able to remove the earing and bandage Lily’s ear.

7-Year-Old Hospitalized After Getting Ears Pierced at Clarie's Store
The Sun

The mother is now speaking against Claire’s alleging the three weeks solutions is deceiving and is hardly enough time for an ear piercing to heal. Experts do warn against removing the initial part of earring until at least six weeks after the piercing. Removing the earing sooner can cause the hole to close or cause the piercing to not heal properly.

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