Extremely relaxed murder suspect tells police, “Don’t worry about it” Screenshot/WFTV

A Florida woman told authorities, “Don’t worry about it,” when police arrived to investigate a fatal shooting this week at an apartment building in Orlando.

Paula Hobbs, 51, is accused in the shooting death of her 63-year-old live-in boyfriend Tuesday night.

When police arrived at the scene at the Rosemont Country Club Apartments, they found an unresponsive man and Hobbs standing in a stairwell, Orlando police spokeswoman Michelle Guido said.

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When the officer asked Hobbs what was going on, she said, “Don’t worry about it,” then locked herself in the apartment, according to a police report on the incident.

Investigators said officers were eventually able to convince Hobbs to give herself up.

Detectives searching the apartment for evidence found splattered blood and a .22-caliber revolver in the bottom drawer of a bedroom dresser, the arrest affidavit said.

Investigators said they determined that five of the gun’s nine rounds had been fired.

“If you tell me he is dead, I will tell you why I did it,” Hobbs told police at the scene, the report said.

Hobbs was booked into the Orange County Jail on a first-degree murder charge.

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