Facebook killer has police on the hunt and he may be hiding in your state Cleveland Police Department
Cleveland Police Department

Authorities remain on the the hunt for Steve Stephens, 37, a man who shot and killed a bystander in a video posted to Facebook on Easter Sunday. Stephens explained in a subsequent post that he was going to kill more than a dozen people in order to get back at a girlfriend who he felt had mistreated him. Police are widening their search now that video footage of Stephens shooting Robert Godwin Sr, 74, has been seen by countless people.

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Police told CNN on Monday, that they had picked up data from Stephens’ cell phone, over 100 miles away from his Cleveland, Ohio origin. Residents were issued warnings in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan, that Stevens may be headed to their state. Stephens’ cell phone data was picked up in Eerie, Pennsylvania.

On Sunday, Stephens briefly spoke with his mother, Maggie Green. Green told police that her son left an ominous warning about his future.

“If you see me again, it’ll be a miracle.”

Stephens’ ex-girlfriend, who he called out by name on Facebook, has been placed in protective custody and is reportedly cooperating with police.

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