According to police in San Bernardino, California, Cedric Anderson shot and killed his wife and one of her students at San Bernardino Elementary on April 10. Before police could descend on Anderson, he took his own life with a gunshot to the head. Following his death, Anderson’s social media posts have been picked apart and analyzed, surprising people with their sweetness toward his wife.

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Anderson was married to Karen Smith for just a few months, but in that time he peppered their social media pages with loving messages, sweet kisses and what appeared to be a true affection for his bride.

In a report for NBC News, writer James Rainey collects some of Anderson’s Facebook musings.

“Last night, cuddling, listening to the rain after watching my wife choice. This morning ‘BAM!’ Breakfast is served! I love this lady!” Anderson said in a video posted to his account.

Many of Anderson’s posts are that of a traditional Facebook user. He posts viral videos, reacts to news clips, and keeps his friends up to date on his life. Several posts, including one addressed to his “enemies,” may reveal the inner darkness that caused him to murder his wife and one of her students.

Facebook posts of accused San Bernardino Elementary killer paint a confusing picture of what went wrong San Bernardino PD
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