During Wednesday night’s 51st installment of the Country Music Association Awards, singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood fulfilled their yearly emcee duty by poking fun at the last year of news. The duo took time out of their introduction to poke fun at President Donald Trump and other political figures, despite the desire of the CMAs to stay far away from controversial topics.

Before the two played a parody song about Trump, Paisley ran through a few other options for such tunes.

“So that means no more ‘Hold me closer, Bernie Sanders?’” Paisley asked Underwood.

“No ‘Harper Valley DNC?’” he wondered when told “no” on his first suggestion.

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“Not even ‘Stand By Your Manafort?’” he continued.

“Definitely not,” Underwood replied.

When the two finally decided on a parody song, they chose a cover of Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” In “Before He Tweets,” Paisley and Underwood made jokes about Trump’s love of tweeting and provocations of North Korea.

And people loved it.

In contrast to many award’s show monologues that go political, a large portion of viewers seem to think that Paisley and Underwood struck the right tone for their event. They stayed topical and teased people on both sides.

Though some felt that any reference to President Trump in anything less than a complimentary light was near blasphemous, many Rare readers felt that Underwood and Paisley hit the mark.

“This was the best award show yet the Hosts made one political joke about the POTUS tweeting (which he needs to stop doing) and that was all,” Rare reader Suzanne Garner wrote on Facebook. “There was no trashy Hollywood gossip or other political opinions shouted at the top of their lungs. The other award shows could really [learn] a lesson [from] the CMAs they sang their songs, thanked their family and God and kept their clothes on. Thank God their is still talent and respect in the music world.”

Reader Amanda Page added that it may be time to lighten up when it comes to poking fun at the president.

“Lighten up people! They cracked a few jokes… not all aimed at Trump I might add. Entertainment has almost always included jokes about current events, if you can’t handle a little joke, you need to get a grip!”

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