Fed up with nastiness, a Pennsylvania politician called a hateful troll’s grandmother

Facebook/Brian Sims

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State Rep. Brian Sims (D-Pa.) is both a politician and an openly gay man.

When a Facebook user left a nasty comment attacking his sexuality, Sims found a creative way to teach the jerk a lesson.

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After jumping on his profile, Sims found a phone number that had been posted several times. Sims decided to call the phone number at 6:15 a.m. to exact his revenge, but quickly discovered something much better.

Sims had called the commenter’s grandmother.

He quickly got the idea to introduce himself to her and let her know exactly what had happened.

“Like any grandma, she was very embarrassed at having this kind of convo and very ashamed at the actions of her grandson. The conversation ended with me telling her that I wanted to hear from him,” the lawmaker revealed in an interview with HuffPost.

Sims informed the commenter that he contacted his grandmother. Then he shared the incident on Facebook:

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Sims posted a screenshot with the following caption:

Dear Bigots, posting your grandmother’s telephone number all over the same page you use to post slurs on other people’s pages is not going to end well for you. Brian

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