By Joshua Tucker,

The Delta Fair and Music Festival is underway in Memphis, Tenn., a year after the event made headlines when 14 people fell out of the Moonraker ride, and eight were sent to area hospitals.

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“Making sure everything is as safe as possible for the fair-goers to come out [and] have a great time,” is a top priority for event officials, according to fair communications director Valerie Morris.

Certified inspectors form the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety are conducting random safety checks on rides this year.

“Every single ride in the fairgrounds is going to be inspected every day,” Morris said.

On Saturday, Thomas Torrence was waiting in line for the “OMG!” ride. A self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, Thomas said he isn’t worried about falling out of the ride, but he does have another concern.

“Making sure I don’t puke up my turkey legs,” Thomas said.

His sister Emily was not as confident.

“It does make me a little nervous. Because they take them down and put them back up every year,” Emily said.

But her nerves did not stop her.

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“I’m just gonna go for it. If I break a leg, whatever. It’s cool,” Emily said.

The fair runs through Sept. 10.