Former “Wheel of Fortune” host is under fire for a series of seemingly anti-semitic tweets GPTCW/STAR MAX/IPx

Former host of iconic game shows, such as “Wheel of Fortune” and “Love Connection,” and self-proclaimed “Hollywood Conservative” Chuck Woolery is causing a stir with a string of tweets that appear to attempt to connect communism and Judaism.

On Memorial Day and the day following, Woolery fired off a round of tweets on his apparent theory that Judaism contributed to the rise of Soviet communism and that the religion is still fueling other socialist movements today. He did so by pointing out that Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Bernie Sanders are all Jewish.

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The tweets prompted social media users to accuse Woolery of antisemitism, considering the Jewish faith of the political leaders he mentioned had little effect on their social and economic theories. Woolery, however, has expressed confusion over why anyone would perceive his statements as anti-semitic, asking multiple times, “Why do people do this?”

It’s unclear what prompted Woolery’s strange attempt to, as one Twitter user put it, prove “that communism is an international Jewish conspiracy.”

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