Four men are behind bars after a woman claims they took turns raping her at a house party WESH/Screenshot

A woman attending a house party in Windemere, Florida, was allegedly raped by four men, who took turns having their way with her. A friend finally found her naked and took her home, according to police.

Miguel Baez Arriechi, Enrique Lopez Cosson, Manuel Zavarse, and Gabriel Zavarse Cedeno, all between the ages of  18 and 21, are being charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators.

The party occurred in May.

According to WESH, the woman told police she was at the party drinking with a friend when someone approached her and led her to an upstairs bedroom.

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Once in the bedroom, the four men took turns having sex with her as she told them, “No,” according to the police report.

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She also told police that she thinks she might have been drugged because she had little recollection of what happened.

The men are being held in an Orange County jail without bond.

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