Grandparents Beat Up Kidnapper Boone County (Ind.) Sheriff's Office
Boone County (Ind.) Sheriff's Office

You come at grandma and grandpa you best not miss. This guy missed and felt the consequences real hard. 37-year-old Benjamin Dillon of Indiana busted in the door of grandmother Patty Roth’s home on the night of June 10th and in a rage demanded that Roth and her husband give him his daughter.

Dillon’s daughter wasn’t there, though. The Roths’ 6-year-old granddaughter was there, but she’s not Dillon’s daughter. Roth’s husband immediately went into Granddaddy Bear mode and fought Dillon out of the apartment.

After Grandpa Roth forced Dillon out the grandparents barricaded their apartment door and waited for police to arrive. (That was probably a fun couple of minutes.) Once the cops got there Dillon was still pretty riled up and tried to fight the officers. The police were forced to taser Dillon several times before they finally subdued him.

Think about that. Dillon was so jacked up on… something, that the police had to taser him multiple times. This is the guy a grandpa had to fight out of his apartment to protect his granddaughter.

The Roths said they believed Dillon was probably on drugs — even more impressive for the grandpa, having the strength to fight off some meth’d out lunatic. They also said they have no idea why Dillon chose to come into their apartment but if he tried to come back he’d regret it next time. (He probably regrets it this time, too.)

It probably didn’t happen this way but I like to picture Grandpa Roth dressed like your classic grandpa — a cane in hand, an old fashioned cap on his head — and fighting off Dillon with said cane, summoning strength from some war he fought in decades ago, or old boxing career glories he still reminisces about.

You definitely earned yourselves a paid of “World’s Greatest Grandparent” mugs Mr. and Mrs. Roth.


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