A heartwarming tail: Her puppy was lost for 10 years then the impossible happened Screenshot/CBS Pittsburgh
abby the long lost dog

After a decade, a Pennsylvania woman was almost certain that her dog was dead–then she received a fateful phone call.

Abby, a black lab, wandered off while playing outside with the family. Though she searched everywhere, eventually Debra Suierveld figured that the animal was gone forever. She mourned her but moved on with her life and got two more dogs.

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But, this week, Animal Protectors in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, called Suierveld and told her that they had her dog. She told TribLive, I didn’t even know what to say,” adding, “She kind of came back from the dead.” Abby somehow found her way onto a doorstep in another part of the state and the woman in that home called the SPCA. It’s not clear what happened to the now elderly dog in those ten years, but Suierveld thinks that she must have found a home somewhere, saying, “She was in very good shape. She’s happy. She’s a good weight. She’s very well taken care of.”

Just look at that beautiful face! (screenshot/CBS Pittsburgh)

Abby was actually able to make her way home because of a microchip that Suierveld had implanted in her neck. When the team at Animal Protectors scanned the chip, they were able to contact the company who identified Suierveld as the owner. Even more bizarre, the company who manufactured the chip had Abby listed as deceased. A worker at Animal Protectors told Trib Live that the company “thought I was crazy.”

The dog didn’t even go to far–the doorstep where she turned up was only ten miles away from where Suierveld lives. Her owner told CBS Pittsburgh that “she remembers my daughter’s commands, and she remembers the commands I taught her.”

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