The first call went out after 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 15. Salisbury, NC police were dispatched to find a man with muttonchops and a ponytail who was threatening to shoot anyone who talked to him.

The call came from Nashville Nights, a local bar at 123 Innes St. But police couldn’t find the suspect when they arrived.

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“We do not have those kind of calls, typically, in downtown Salisbury,” said a spokeswoman for Salisbury Police in a video update posted by FOX46.

A second call came at 3:16 a.m. Their man, later identified as Brian Allen, 43, was now on a nearby roof.

Police have not stated how Allen accessed the roof. Allen is 300 pounds, according to Fox8. Unable to find a way onto the roof, police summoned the fire department to raise officers to the roof Allen occupied.

They found Allen “rolling around near the air conditioner” and heavily armed. Allen was wearing a kilt, tactical vest, and hunting boots. There’s no indication he was wearing a shirt. He was heavily armed, carrying a tactical hatchet, three knives and a loaded gun with extra clips and ammunition. He also had a flashlight.

Allen has a concealed carry permit, but under North Carolina law, gun owners can drink, or conceal and carry, but not both. It’s not known whether Allen had a North Carolina CCW permit or another state; nearly every concealed-carry license has reciprocity in North Carolina, according to

He was disarmed without incident and police judged him “not much of a threat,” per FOX46.

Allen had only minor injuries, judged by responding officers to have resulted from “tumbling” about the roof, which had a number of small walls on it. While officers placed him in handcuffs to remove him from the building via fire department ladder truck, Allen was merely cited for drinking while concealed-carrying and not arrested.

“Some people do this every day,” said the spokesperson for the Salisbury Police. “They dress like this, for some people this is a typical lifestyle.”

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