Her mugshot earned her the nickname “prison bae” and a simple glance makes it clear why

Move over Jeremy Meeks, there’s a new “Hottest Convict” in town.

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Sarah Seawright was taken into custody in late April for failure to appear in court in connection to a 2014 arrest, and her mugshot is garnering lots of attention and the internet has declared her #PrisonBae. No icy glare or haphazard stare here, Seawright looks like a woman who was ready for her close up.


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According to KLRT, Seawright was previously accused of robbery, kidnapping and battery for her role in a 2012 parking lot theft. Though she was pulled in in April, recent social media activity indicates that Seawright is out on bond.

Twitter/ @therealsarahsss
Twitter/ @therealsarahsss

You can follow Seawright on Twitter, @therealsarahsss. We’re not sure what the future holds for her, but if she follows in footsteps of fellow sexy convict, Jeremy Meeks, she’ll probably land on her feet.


(h/t NY Daily News)

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