Here are the most-asked questions on Google, by state, and, is Mr. T dead?

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Americans on the whole are an inquisitive bunch and like to ask a lot of questions—from the best places in the country to live, to a politician’s favorite kind of music.

Luckily, there’s this thing called the internet that can pretty much answer any query that could be dreamed up. To that end, the folks at national real estate company Estately have put together a state by state list of the most common questions typed into a Google search by Americans.

The results are both uplifting and a bit shocking. Here are a few, and you can see a complete list on Eastely.

ALABAMA:  Who is Jesus?


ARKANSAS: Who won the Civil War?

CALIFORNIA:  \What is a mullet? / Is O.J. guilty? / Do jellyfish have brains?

COLORADO:  Where is Waldo?



FLORIDA;  Is adultery illegal? / Where is Siri? / What is quantum physics? / Are UFOs real? /

GEORGIA;  Who created God?  / Why are my nipples so sore? / How to become a stripper? / Is Africa a country?

IDAHO; Is Ted Cruz the Zodiak Killer?

INDIANA;  Do midgets have night vision?

IOWA:   Do penguins have knees?

KANSAS:  How to make meth?

KENTUCKY:  What are jorts? / How to make a baby?


MASSACHUSETTS:  Who’s on first? / Can I kick it? (Yes, you can)

MICHIGAN:   Is Mr. T dead?

MISSISSIPPI:  Is Obama the antichrist?

MISSOURI:  Am I a psycho?

MONTANA:  How to move to Canada?


NEW JERSEY: Is time travel possible?

NEW MEXICO:  Do dogs dream?

NORTH CAROLINA:  What is dabbing?


PENNSYLVANIA:  Do cats fart?

RHODE ISLAND:  Did Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce?

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Who let the dogs out?

TENNESSEE:  Are unicorns real?

TEXAS:   Am I a sociopath? / How does sex work? /  What is jock itch? / Where is hell?

UTAH: Who moved my cheese?

VIRGINIA:  Why is Virginia for lovers?


WEST VIRGINIA: Are zombies real?

WYOMING:  What is Wyoming?

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