A Michigan mother was sentenced to seven days in jail, and temporary custody was granted to the father of her child to get him vaccinated, a judge decided Wednesday morning.

Bredow’s ex-husband wanted their son to receive vaccinations, but as primary caregiver, Bredow declined.

“I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in,” Bredow told WXYZ before her sentencing .

Bredow and the child’s father had made the decision to get their child vaccinated when he was born, but space them out, delaying some.

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“It wasn’t until they started grouping them together that I backed off of doing vaccines,” she told WXYZ.

Skipping or delaying vaccines is permitted in Michigan.

“We’re fortunate in the state of Michigan that’s still permitted, still allow religious, personal and medical exemptions for parents who chose to delay, to skip a vaccine to make various choices,” anti-vaccine advocate Joel Dorfman told WXYZ.

Bredow had a week to have the child brought up to date on his vaccines, according to the judge’s court order.

Douglas Barclay of contributed to this report.