Hero dad quickly takes out a failed robber who threatened his kids while they were out to dinner


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A Texas father had to make the difficult decision to shoot and kill a would-be robber after the man threatened him and his family in a local Popeye’s.

Andres Herrera, 19, entered the restaurant on Wednesday night and first approached 32-year-old Carlos Molina, who was eating with his wife and children, and demanded money from him at gunpoint. Molina explained that he didn’t have any money because he had spent it on their dinner and asked if he would let his family go.

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Herrera reportedly agreed before turning towards the cash register and pointing his gun at the manager. As Molina and his family left the establishment, two of his other children exited the bathroom and were met face-to-face with the robber’s gun after he spotted them.

That when the terrified father pulled out his gun and fired off several shots in Herrera’s direction, killing him.

Police officers have indicated that Molina is a licensed handgun owner, and they believe he was acting in defense of a third person.

“He really saved the day and protected a lot of people today,” San Antonio Police Department Captain Michael Starnes applauded him.

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