Heroin in America| Series Overview

Heroin in America Series Overview

, Political Reporter
Heroin in America| Series Overview Rare

Rare politics reporter Yasmeen Alamiri and videographers Tolleah Price and Dan Yar spent months researching and reporting this series — traveling to Maryland, New Hampshire and other heroin-torn places while talking and listening to users, police officers, public figures and devastated families all affected by the epidemic. See the full series below beginning Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Everyone’s Addiction | Heroin in America, Part 1

The Crisis in New HampshireHeroin in America, Part 2

Behind the Badge | Heroin in America, Part 3

A Mother’s Love | Heroin in America, Part 4

The Crisis in Baltimore | Heroin in America, Part 5

Success in Needle Programs  | Heroin in America, Part 6

Seeking Solutions | Heroin in America, Part 7

Yasmeen Alamiri is a political reporter for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @Yalamiri
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