High school girl shocked to learn how her school “improved” her yearbook photo

An upset high schooler took to Reddit this week to expose a photography company’s new practice of photoshopping images of young girls to make them appear slimmer in their high school yearbook photos.

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Redditor  love_a_good_ood, pointed out that her own photograph had been altered to make here appear slimmer and boosted with makeup that wasn’t there when she first had her photo taken.

“I have a round face that I have grown to love and now I get my photo back with a different face,” she wrote.

“The new photo no longer even looks like me but rather a prettier twin sister. When we go and have our photos taken we are flat out told that our skin will be retouched to hide blemishes. We are not told, however, that more drastic changes are made.”

After the story went viral online, the young woman went to her school with her complaints, and learned they too shared her deep outrage.

“My school has proved that they are fully behind positive body image by printing the untouched photos,” the girl penned in an updated post.

“I am proud of my school and what they stand for. To sum it up, I want this issue of photoshopping to get the attention it needs but know that my school has realized that their students do not need to be “corrected.”

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